Posted by: daurenchik | February 11, 2009

About myself

HI!!!My name is Dauren, I am really good person :0, at least wanna be. Well I am interesting in this course due to its unique name and hope that is really will excite me, so about online technologies I really like using it, espessialy it saves a lot of time, but my experience using blogs, forums is not suffiecient, and this course hopefully is going to help me to deal with that

Posted by: daurenchik | February 17, 2009

What is Journalism?

“The primary purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with the information they need to be free and self-governing”. That is the main definition from “The Elements of Journalism” Kovach and Rosentiel or from the previous discipline of Introduction to Journalism. That is first come to my mind and I really remember this definition by heart

Posted by: daurenchik | February 11, 2009

Really Interesting Blog

My greetings to all you guys!  Today fortunately I found the web-blog that is very interesting and entertaining as I guess. Actually, I found through the online encyclopedia the popular one as wikipedia and not through google blog search. There were a list of different blogs but I found the most entertaining one, and recommend you to visit That is like the analog of youtube but the main difference are people uploading different kind of videos 🙂 to its mobile phone then to that blog and I saw some of them and its very fun